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Security By Design
  • Create Application
  • Create Roles
  • Add Role Decisions
  • Assign Roles To Things in my App
  • Add Users to Apps from anywhere in the world
  • Add Roles To Users
  • Sign on securely using MFA
  • Record, Report, Relax Repeat!

Cyber Security and Monitoring

We are monitoring your security 24/7. It is our number one priority here in line with safety. If you have questions around region specific data storage and communication, call us on +614 888 23377.

In addition to our highly secure environment configuration, we use proprietary keys as authenticity tokens between all services used.

Whilst all transactions are encrypted in transit and at rest, we strongly recommend securing your application via our Security Centre Master

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Athenian Highway
  • New Application30s
  • Working Model1d
  • Transacting2d
  • Security3d
  • Workflow4d
  • Transformation5d
  • Reporting6d
  • Go Live1 week

Cloud Applications In One Week

OK heard that one before. If you need something complex? Get in touch. Either way, it does not take long to get productive using

It works case by case, and is always quicker the next time around so who really knows until the conversation starts. Meanwhile, the service is just going to keep getting better.

Whether it be Financial Controlling, Human Capital Management, SRM, CRM, Assets and Maintenance, Materials, Procurement, Warehouse Management, Transport and Logistics, Data Management and Working Capital, Athenian welcomes you on board!